Scum of Southsward

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I am Scumfoot, leader of the Scum of Southsward. I encourage you, no matter what kind of vermin you are, to desert your army and join mine. If you are persued by members of your own army, you will have mine behind you. We do not seek to conquer. Therefore we are respected and liked by the peaceful members of Redwall and Mossflower Wood. If there is any threat of invaders, they send for us, and we drive them off. They then reward us with booty (of course, we're vermin!). Although we do spend a good portion of the time near Mossflower Wood, we do live and spend most of our time in Southsward. We travel around and if we see any robber bands with plunder from their last victoms, we attack and steal the plunder for ourselves! There is no ranking system in this band. I distribute booty for sending things in, including pictures, stories, and opinions. When you receive 3 shares of booty, you get 1 bag of plunder. When you get 10 bags of plunder, you get a new weapon, one more deadly and dangerous. As you get new weapons, you will be respected more and more by the members of my band. So, what do you think, my band, or one run by an unpredictable tyrant that will kill you at a moment's notice. Make your choice a wise one.

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