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Swartt Sixclaw

Swartt's Stats

Book: Outcast of Redwall

Goal: To kill Sunflash

Nicknames: The Pitiless One

Descriptions and Traits: Ferret. Has six claws on his left paw, which
                         was crippled by Sunflash. After that, Swartt
                         and Sunflash were lifelong arch-enemies.
                         Swartt now wears a meshed brass mail
                         gauntlet on his sixclaw. His war banner has
                         a sixclaw symbol on it. Wears stipes of
                         purple and green warpaint on his face.
                         Returned to Bowfleg’s horde, to which he had
                         once belonged, and took it over. Married
                         Bluefen. A son was born just prior to
                         Bluefen’s death and later abandoned.
                         Swartt’s horde grew in size and strength
                         over the years but was decimated in a battle
                         at Salamandastron.

Killed by: Sunflash the Mace

The draw: