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Slagar the Cruel

Slagar's Stats

Books: Redwall and Mattimeo

Goal: To capture small children and sell them into slavery 
      at Malkariss

Nicknames: the Sly One, the Cruel One, Lunar Stellaris, and Lord of
           the Mountebanks

Descriptions and Traits: Born Chickenhound, son of Sela. With Sela, 
                         acted as a double agent, spying for both
                         Cluny and the Redwallers during the Late
                         Rose Summer Wars. When the double-dealing
                         was discovered, Cluny ordered Sela and
                         Chickenhound killed. He survived, however,
                         and was taken in by the Redwallers. Once
                         healed, he stole some valuables and escaped
                         from Redwall, killing Methuselah in the
                         process. While hiding from those seeking to
                         avenge Methuselah’s death, he was bitten by
                         Asmodeus. He awoke in Asmodeus’s lair,
                         escaped, and healed himself, but his face
                         was terribly disfigured. A harlequinned mask
                         thereafter concealed his face. He organized
                         a slave band, providing a labor force for
                         Malkariss. He was promised land and power in
                         return. He kidnapped Auma, Mattimeo, Tim,
                         Tess, Cynthia, Sam and Jube, causing
                         Matthias, Orlando, Jess, Basil, Jabez and
                         the Guosim to follow him to Malkariss’s

Killed by: Falling in Loamhedge’s old well  

The draw: