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The three runners-up to the last monthly contest

4th place- Halfear Scarclaw (on Pearls of Lutra)

   Martin ran up the steps to the raging battle, eager to tell the 
news that Ublaz was dead, killed by the wild snake.
   Martin ran into the room and said aloud,"Stop this fighting this 
instant, the Emperor Unlaz is dead!"
   Suddenly the fighting came to a halt and one of the monitors 
asked,"What did you say?"
   "I said,"began Ublaz,"that Emperor Ublaz is-"Martin was cut of by 
a raspy voice saying ,"Is still living."
   "What?"Martin turned around to see Ublaz standing in the doorway. 
His fur was all wet and rotting off, his eyeballs seemed to stickc 
out farther and seemed more hypnotizing. His cloak was Bloody and he 
carried something even more bloody in his hands.   All of the 
monitors turned and stared at him in awe.
   Then Ublaz held up what was in his left and right hand. It was the
sanke's heart and skull. 
   "This is what I do to traitors,"came the raspy voice from 
Ublaz.The blood pured from the heart and skull."Are any of you 
   The whole monitor army answered their emperor,"No, Lord 
Ublaz!"Then the whole army turned and kept fighting the bloody war.
   "Give them blood 'n' vinigar, boys!"yelled Ublaz.
   "What 're we going to do Martin?"asked Clecky.
   "I don't know,"answered Martin, throwing off a dead monitor."But we
better think of something and quickly."
   Just then Rasconza and half of his men charged the back of Ublaz's 
   "What? I thought I got rid of you?''said Ublaz.
   "Not that easy,"replied Rasconza.
   "Martin, look,"said Grath,"they're fighting Ublaz too."
   "You're right, Grath,"said Martin."They might not like us to much 
though, but at least they're fighting the same people we are."
   Suddenly, Clecky got an idea. He saw Inbarr by the chandalier rope.
   "Inbarr, get ahold of that rope,"ordered Clecky."When I say, cut 
it with yer' sword."
   "Aye, aye, Clecky,"responded Inbarr, he grabbed the chandalier 
   Clecky lunged his sword through an aproaching monitor."Now!"he 
   Inbarr instinctively cut the rope and slit the throat of another 
   The chandalier came crashing down on the monitors, but Ublaz had 
heard Clecky and was ready for it.    "Now!''yelled Ublaz.
   The monitors fighting , grabbed their enemy and swung him around, 
in line with the aproaching chandalier!
   Blood went eveywhere as the chandalier hit the monitors' enemies.
   One of them was Clecky!
   "Nooooooooo!"screamed Inbarr. He went thrashing into battle, 
unaware of Ublaz behind him.
   "Cleckyyyyyyyyy!"Inbarr screamed. He was right in front of the 
bloody figure.
   "Why whine when you're going to join him,"said Ublaz.
   Inbarr swung around instinctively and through his sword at the 
   Ublaz blocked it and thrust his sword into Inbarr's throat.
   Grath saw this and mounted an arrow to her shaft, took aim, amd 
   Ublaz Swung Rasconza, who he was now fighting , right in line with 
the arrow.
   The arrow went right through Rasconza and was staring Ublaz in the 
   "Nice try, honey,"said Ublaz in a mocking voice."It must be my 
lucky day."
   A trident went right through Grath, and Sagitar showed her face.
   "Good girl,"said Ublaz to Sagitar.  "Thankee, lord,"answered 
   Just then a sword came through Sagitar, and Martin showed his face.
   "An eye for an eye, Ublaz,"said Martin. He took a look around the 
room. Everyone on Martin's side were dead, even Plogg , Viola, And 
Welko. How'd they get here, they were suposed to be back on the 
shp."Now it's between you and me."
   "As you wish,"said Ublaz, and the sound of clashing metal rang in 
the castle.
   Martin was soon cut on his right paw, his tail, his ear, and his 
arm. But Ublaz wasn't cut anywhere.
   "You know why I'm not cut?"asked Ublaz."Because I'm making you cut 
   "What?"said Martin in bewilderment.   "I'm hypnotizing 
you,"explained Ublaz.
   Martin suddenly saw the Father Abbot's body lying on the floor. 
   "Redwaaaaaaaaalll !"screamed Martin, but the sound was muffeled by
Martin's own sword slitting his own throat.
   "See, I told you I was controlling you. The snake's venom and 
blood I swallowed in the fight merged with my blood, now I have extra 
Hypnotizing power. You fool."explained Ublaz.
   "I am still emperor of Sampetraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

5th place- Ironclaw (on the Bellmaker)

     The dust crimsoned as Foxwolf and Finnbarr fought like madbeasts 
around the small clearing, fangs snapping, claws raking, limbs 
kicking furiously.Then Finnbarr was standing upright; he grabbed the 
fox by the tail and neck,and Foxwolf kicked Finnbarr in the throat. 
The mighty sea otter gurgled helplessly as he fell to the floor. 
     "Har har, seadog, how do yer feel now?" cried Nagru. He slipped 
his paws into the mighty iron hooks and prepared to slay Finnbarr. "I 
will make yore dying easy, waterdog. Yore days of living are done! 
See you in Hellgates, otter!" and with that, he struck Finnbarr with 
the impressive iron claws. Finnbarr had no chance.
     "Noooooooooo! Foxwolf, fight or die, scum!" a voice yelled from 
behind. Nagru spun around and saw Dandin, Mariel and Hon Rosie. They 
circled him, yelling threats and readying their weapons. Mariel 
suddenly lept upon Foxwolf and hit him with the gullwhacker.  Urgan 
Nagru slew her with one forceful thrust. Sweeping her lifeless body 
to the side, he saw another take her place in the circle. It was 
     "Come on, rabbit, I'll kill you like I slew her!" Nagru shrieked 
with rage. Out of the corner of his eye, the Foxwolf saw Dandin 
preparing toattack. 
     Suddenly, Dandin lept! With the sword pointed at the fox, he 
screamed "You will pay for Mariel's life... with yours!" Acting 
quickly, the clever Foxwolf grabbed the gullwhacker and cracked 
Dandin over the head once, twice, three times! Dandin slid, dead, to 
the floor.
     With the death of Dandin, Mariel, Finnbarr and countless others, 
Joseph the Bellmaker called off the attack. They had come off worse 
then ever. Taking a ship, they set sail.
     "My horde, listen! Do not chase after the goodbeasts. Why? I 
will tell you why. I sent Silvamord off to scupper the ship! The only 
way for them is down. They will all be dead by sunset!" the Foxwolf 
cried, victorious. 
     Back in full command, the Foxwolf Urgan Nagru and Silvamord 
lived a hearty life in Castle Floret, happy that they had defeated 
the un-defeatable Redwallers. 

6th place- Shortsnout(on Martin the Warrior)

"Badraaaang, I am here!"
  The stoat captain looked up and saw the slave mouse named Martin. 
The young mouse came down off the wall to his opponent with rage in 
his eyes. Martin drew his short sword and Badrang drew his sword. Or 
should I say, Luke the Warrior's sword. Suddenly a mousemaid was 
flung onto Badrang's backand was pounding the tyrants face. Badrang 
was so full of rage he threw the mousmaid off of him and against a 
wall. Her head hit hard and she slid down it like a broken doll. 
  Steel clashed upon steel as Martin and Badrang fought to the death. 
Soon the short sword was thrust from Martin's paws and he fell to the 
ground. The tyrant came over to the helpless mouse warrior. 
  "I knew you never had it in you to win me,"Badrang said."Now you 
will pay for trying." Badrang lifted the sword over his head and 
trhust down into Martin's midsection. Martin screamed in pain and the 
battle stopped. Everyone looked at badrang as he kept jabbing into 
the body of the warrior. 
  Then all hpoe was lost for winning the battle and all the creatures 
that were on Martin's side surrendered. 
  After the battle, Badrang finished Marshank within a days work and 
soon had fryresses all over Mossflower and Southsward. Nobody ever 
rebelled again and Badrang ruled all.

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