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Wildstripe's Missions Tree

You see a group of foxes and wildcats hunched around a tree. You walk over to see what they're looking at. There was some writing on the tree. A fox walks over to you. "This is the mission tree. Wildstripe scratches the orders for the horde here. If ya do a mission, you'll get 2-4 stars, depending on quality. If you give the boss a good idea, you'll get one star. Doin' a mission can move ya up over half a rank." The fox scurries off to grab a spear and a sack and heads off into the woods. Reserve and send in completed missions to Bloodscar.


Mission #1 - Completed by Blackrose the Assassin
   You are walking through the woods and you spot a camp of about 5 
score ferrets.  You have a score of wildcats and foxes at your back.
Should you attack?  If you do, you have to take prisoners because 
meat spoils.

Mission #2 - Completed by Deathstreak One-Eye
    Hares have built a fortification 2 miles up the road from our
camp.  They are numerous and smart.  How can you defeat them with 
only two score at your back?

Mission #3 - Reserved by Petalblood Poisondeath
    Ten ships of vermin are camped upshore.  We would have no chance
of defeating them in a straight fight.  We have to sink their ships
to decimate their numbers.  Unfortunately, foxes, wildcats, and wolves
aren't known for their love of water.  How do we sink the ships?

Mission #4 - Completed by Deathstreak One-Eye
    It's the middle of a rainstorm that doesn't look like it's going 
to let up.  Our troops can't see three inches in front of their faces.
To make matters worse, we are under attack.  From who, we do not 
know.  We can't see them.  What do we do?

Mission #5 - Reserved by Blackrose the Assassin
    A family of eagles just moved in across the road.  Do we pray 
they move away or ignore us, attack them, or try to make them allies?

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