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Mission #1 - By Blackrose the Assassin

me, my new servant "pet" Skyblade & a score of our beasts was 
searching thearea, looking for Wildstripe's map he lost, and we found 
a camp of ferrets, only five, all strong & healthy,everyone,except 
for Skyblade,looked at each other with the same thought, they'll 
bring a good price for selling them to a slave driver. so we quickly 
think of good plans,then we decided to ambush them,then suround,& 
capture them,we have to be careful about the ferrets,for the price
drops for wounded beasts. so we take our places around the their 
camp,since I have marlfox blood in me I have the abilty to appear & 
dissappear quicker then a blink of an eye. they made me go & distract 
them with my tricks. so I appear in the middle of their camp,they ran 
after me,then I vanish into thin air,then I repeat the same actions 2 
or 3 times and taunt them while doing my tricks,untill they're too 
tired to defend them selves,so we attack them & knock them out 
cold,hardly any wounded in our group,and none of the ferrets are 
bleeding & stuff. we found an fox with a group of 10 slave 
drivers,mostly rats,we sold the ferrets,he gave us some nice items & 
50 gold crowns & 2 sliver nobles,& 8 copper farthlings for each 
ferret he gotten from us. I remember a small vermin town not to 
farway,and remind myself if I got time,I'll go there and get some 
proper war armor for myself. we spilt the money & items with everyone 
in camp,I gotten some nobles,a crown & 3 farthlings,and a nice gold & 
sliver wire belt with gems studding & have white leather & gem-
studded scabbard on it,perfect for most of my stuff. and Wildstripe 
gotten a nice spure sliver helmet with gold edging on it, and 2 
rubies where his eyebrows gets cover by the helmet.  

Report on Mission #2 (Attack on The Hare Fort)
                              By Deathstreak One-Eye
Deathstreak One-Eye huddled under a rocky outcrop, watching the hare
fort up on the hill a hundred meters away.
"Boss," a wolf named Jamoky whined, "Why da 'ell do we afta sit undahhere?
"I'm all cramped up and me backs going out from bending over so long…"
"Well then," Deathstreak replied with heavy sarcasm, " Why doncha head
over there and ask them hares fer a nice room? An quit complaining while
I try to think!"
Some of the others began to grumble, and Deathstreak was faced with two
equally unpleasant choices: Mutiny, or a failed attack.
"Hey," he said, "I got an idea!"
Deathstreak hastily began scratching some plans in the dirt…
                                                         * * *
Looking out the window of the fort, was none other than The renowned
hare captain; Conflamio Torr Flamme!
"Those vermin must think were born yesterday! He exclaimed.
"Circling around back. Peh!"He turned to a hare standing near the door.
"Sergeant! Send out twenty-five hares, and wipe them ou-"
The captain was cut short as a large spear burst from the ceiling,
spearing him and killing him instantly!
"Help! Help!" The other hare ran out of the room. "Help! We're underattack!"
                                                        * * *
Soaring above the fort, huge canvas wings strapped to his back,
Deathstreak One-Eye aimed another spear. This was too easy!
I Really must thank the professor for these wings! Even if he only madetwenty…
He sent another spear hurtling down towards the fort, and Nineteen other
wolves hurled theirs to…
                                                       * * *
Once the main force of hares had been taken out, Deathstreak and the
nineteen others landed atop the gatehouse.
"Bust through the trapdoors!" Deathstreak yelled, "Open the gates and
let the others in!"SMASH!
The doors caved in, and ten wolves easily over powered the gatekeeper:
an old hare with a monocle.
They trussed him up and set him in a corner. " 'Urry up with thatlever!"
Deathstreak called from the wall. "Got it, boss!" A wolf from insideyelled back.
The gates creaked open and the twenty other wolves rushed into the main
base. Joining in the fray, Deathstreak found himself fighting a
saber-armed hare. "You dead!" Deathstreak spat in the hare's face, as he
crumpled to the ground, a fatal wound from Deathsreak's spear in hischest.
                                                 * * *
"Well now, what 'ave we 'ere?"  Two hours after the battle, Deathstreak
had been interrogating the prisoners, in this case, a dark-brown male
hare. "Where are you keeping yer treasure in this fort, Eh?"
"You are never going to find out, you rotter!" The hare said back.
Deathstreak sighed mockingly, and said "Very well. Hey, Margola!" He
yelled to another wolf "This one 'ere says that 'e wants to be our
'guest' at dinner! "Take 'im to the dinner pit!" The wolf sniggered and
grabbed the hare by an ear, and led him away.
"Very well," Deathstreak sighed inwardly; 'This would have made a good
fort, but if Lord Wildstripe wants treasure, he gets it…'
"You all have twenty minutes to sack the place, and bring any treasure
you find to me! Each of you may keep three pieces of treasure! Now… Go!"
The whole pack took off, howling in joy.
                                                   * * *
An hour later, Deathstreak and his pack began home. 'Not a bad haul!' He
thought to himself. There were twelve chests of treasure, and
twenty-five new house slaves for Lord Wildstripe.
His majesty would be happy, and that was all that mattered in Wildstripe's horde!

Mission #4: The Rainy Day Battle Report       By Deathstreak One-Eye
       "Ayyyyie!" Nooooo!" THWUCK! SLAM! "Uggh…"
       The air around Deathstreak One-Eye was filled with the cries of
the wounded and dying.
       A Fox ran to his side, "Sir! The troops can't see a foot in front
of them! We are losing and we don't even know to whom! We-" The fox was
       cut of by a well aimed slingstone in the head.
       Deathstreak was left with no other choice, "Pull back! Retreat!"
He yelled at the top of his lungs.       * * *
       A few minutes later, Deathstreak and the other hordebeasts had
found an old deserted fort and had holed up in it.
       It was still raining, and the attackers didn't let up.
       "Okay, here is what were gonna do; Fhafered, take fifteen
wildcats out there and see who the heck is attacking us. Mingol, youtake
       twenty foxes and post a wall guard.
       "I will take a few wolves and see if there is any food left inthis place.
       "The rest of you; stay here!"
       The wildcats ran out the back door, the foxes filed out to the
courtyard, and Deathstreak led his wolves down to the cellar.       * * *
       "Sir!" One of the wolves growled under his breath, "Someone else
is down here…"
       Deathstreak cocked his ears and listened: He heard the rain from
aboveground and… A hissing sound! 'What the heck makes a
       hissing sound?' He thought to himself. A hi- "Everybody back up
the stairs!" He yelled, "THERE'S SERPENT DOWN HERE!" Just then,
       a huge adder launched itself from behind a bunch of crates!
       Deathstreak Pulled two poison tipped throwing stars from his
belt. He only had a few of these, so he used them sparingly. Now seemed
       like as good a time as ever! The Adder sped towards him, but
Deathstreak was faster:       THWUCK! THWUCK!
       The two Projectiles flew straight into the adder's head, and the
beast slumped to the ground, dead.
       Deathstreak Chopped at it with his sword to make sure that it was
really dead, and once he was sure, he ran up the stairs to the main       hall.
       * * *
       "Sir! A wildcat greeted him at the top of the stairs, "We have
spotted the enemy: Twenty-two otters!" "Twenty-two!" Deathstreak almost
       collapsed with laughter. "We outnumber them five to one!
       "Just line up the troops like this:" =========== He sketched on
the ground, each - Representing a trooper. The ones in front would
       carry shields, and the ones in back with spears sticking through
the gaps. "Yes sir!" The wildcat said and marched off to instruct the
       troops.       * * *
       "Chaaargge!" Deathstreak gave the command and the troops ran
forward through the woods, skewering anything in their way.
       "Ugh!" An otter fell to the ground, taken by surprise and speared
all over.       'Even the weather seems to be with us!' Deathstreak mused
privately, for indeed: The rain was finally clearing up, and they werenow within
       sight of Wildstripe's camp!
       "We're almost thar, buckos! Just keep going!"       * * *
       When they reached camp, Deathstreak sent a few foxes out to count
up how many otters were killed. It turned out that only two otters
       escaped, and his troops had only lost five foxes, a wildcat and
three wolves.       Lord Wildstripe would be most pleased indeed!

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