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The Summaries of the Battles Between Villians

I need summaries of the battles in the poll.  Send them in and the 
first one of each battle will win 5 bags of plunder.  You may enter as
many times as you wish (no more than once per battle).  Here are the choices.

Swartt def. Ironbeak

Asmodeus def. Swartt

First Round

Swartt Sixclaw def. Tsarmina

     Tsarmina Greeneyes and Swartt Sixclaw circled each other, each 
seeking an opening. Swartt had his mailed sixclaw and cutlass held up 
at the ready, Tsarmina on all fours, muscles bunched, all claws 
beared and a paw lifted off the ground, ready to strike. Swartt took 
a step forward and Tsarmina lashed, as he had expected. He stuck out 
his cutlass, neatly slashing the wildcat's paw. Tsarmina pulled back 
and hissed, then Swartt charged her, grazing her neck-fur with his 
blade. Tsarmin bit into the ferret's shoulder, jerking her head 
savagely. Swartt twisted and the two were locked together, kicking, 
biting and scratching while rolling around on the ground, each trying 
to gain the upper paw.
    Even through the mess of battle, Swartt noticed the small pool of 
water not too far away, if he could just break free. He unexpectedly 
swung out with his sixclaw, striking Tsarmina a glancing blow to the 
cheek that left her stunned for a moment. She noticed with surprise 
and delight that Swartt was retreating. She jumped up and dashed 
after him, too late noticing the small pool the ferret was running 
into. Even though it was evidently only waist deep on Swartt and her 
stood in the shallows, Tsarmina was terrified to go in after him. The 
ferret laughed mockingly.
    "Nyah nyah!" he taunted, "Ha ha, can't catch me! Wassa matter, 
pussy? 'Fraid o' gettin' yer pretty dress wet? Hahaharr, come an' get 
me! Scardy-cat! Scardy-cat! I'll bet you'd be scared o' prancin' onna 
wet patch a ground!"
    Swartt picked up some mud and threw it at Tsarmina, striking her 
in the face and still goading her. "Whatcha gonna do about it, y'snot-
nosed liddle kitten?"
    Tsarmina had had enough. She picked up a huge pawful of mud and 
heaved it at Swartt. It missed his head as he side-stepped, but was 
forceful enough that when it smacked into his side it knocked him 
over. Trying to fight her overwhelming fear, Tsarmina raced into the 
water and lept upon Swartt, raking him with her claws. He flailed 
about, blinded and born down by the wildcat's weight with his cutlass 
lost in the shallows somewhere. Tsarmina gasped as some water 
splashed on her. It was cold, and wet, and, and horrible! She shrank 
back from Swartt, totally pertrified. The ferret wasted no time in 
finding his blade. He sneered evily at the sight of the wildcat
shivering there in the water, terrified, looking frighteningly off 
into space. Still, he did not want to take any chances. Swartt raced 
around to Tsarmina's back and then attacked it, ripping and gouging, 
but the wildcat did not stir from her horrified trance. She did not 
stir again. Period.
                                    -Bren Longturf

Ferahgo def. Gabool

     Gabool, with his heavy, jeweled sword in hand, circled the 
weasel known as the Assasin, who was said to be the most evil 
creature in the world.  but the searat king intended on proving them 
wrong.  The Assasin stood ready, mace in one paw, and a dagger in the 
other.  The Assasin knew about this searat.  He was said to be a 
crazed lunatic, unlike himself.  The red smears under the eyes of the 
searat showed he hadn't slept in days.  They fought upon the crater 
of Salamandastron.
    Gabool lunged forward, swining his blade expertly.  The Assasin 
easily dodged it, but getting a slice in with his long skinning 
dagger.  Gabool howled in pain, and the Assasin smiled, an icy 
smile.  The Assasin whirled his mace while keeping the dagger ready 
for defense.  Gabool laughed and stepped forward, and stumbled.  The 
Assasin, knew Gabool was faking it, but couldn't let up the 
opportunity.  He smashed his mace to the ground, but Gabool moved
like lightning, getting in a hard kick into the Assasins gut.  Though 
winded, the Assasin stood up and pulled back his mace.  Gabool 
stood.  The searat began to goad at the Assasin, insulting him and 
his skill.  The Assasin lunged forward, and gabool knocked his 
favorite dagger over the side of the cliff. The Assasin then 
retaliated, by tripping the wily searat, and kicking him in the head.
   When Gabool up, he lunged with his sword, cut through skin in the 
Assasins mace weilding arm.  Thinking he'd won, Gabool jumped back 
instead of finishing the Assasin off.  But the Assasin still had one 
more trick up his sleeve.
    He pulled the dagger out with his paw, and hurled it at the 
searat king. Then Gabool watched as the handle seemed to appear in 
his chest, slaying the searat king.
     The Assasin smiled.  It was a cold, chilling smile.  Colder than 
the whitest winter.  Colder than the grip of Death itself.  And it 
chilled the dieing searat to the bone.
     It was the smile, of Ferahgo, the Assasin.
                                  -Regglar Brokenblade

Asmodeus def. Cluny

     Cluny the Scourge and the adder Asmodeus Poisonteeth walked (and 
slithered) into a makeshift circle marked in the dirt. They got 
themselves ready to begin, and an old ferret by the name of Greycoat 
walked up to the ring. He held a red flag in one hand, and lowered it 
as he cried, "Let the fightbegin!"     
     The two vermin circled each other, looking for the weakness in 
their opponent. Suddenly, Cluny struck out with a long-handled sword. 
The adder swung around and, amazingly, allowed Cluny to slash him. 
	While Cluny stared dumbly at the gash in the snake that 
really had no effect on the adder, Asmodeus struck. He caught the rat 
in the chest, and Cluny screamed in pain. 
	"Cluny, come. Stare into my eyes, fall into my twin pools of 
eternal slumber." Asmodeus hissed as Cluny's eyes went cloudy. 
Asmodeus the adder had won the day.


Slagar def. Damug Warfang

      Slagar and Damug were preparing to fight. It was a fight to the 
death, and each wanted to be the one to come through. Slagar slid a 
dagger into his belt. He picked up a strange weapon. It was a short 
wooden handle, from which ran three braided leather thongs, and at 
the and of each hung a round metal ball. Sniggering, he twirled it 
lightly. "That Greatrat will die today." he said to himself.
	In the next tent, Damug Warfang was also getting ready for 
the fight. He picked up the Firstblade sword and swung it in a wide 
arc. He too was well prepared.
	A voice from outside called them from their tents. They 
stepped into a ring of stones laid out on the ground. They were ready.
	For a while, neither one did anything. They circled, and 
	Then, Damug lept! He slashed Slagar in his side with his 
sword, causing him to retreat to the edge of the ring. Slagar held
one hand over his cut, and swung the wooden weapon he had with the 
	Suddenly, he threw it! It caught not Damug, but a stoat that 
was standing behind him. The stoat was killed instantly. 
	Damug saw how powerful the small tool was, but also saw that 
Slagar was without a weapon. Little did he know that Slagar had a 
concealed dagger. He charged Slagar, sword upraised.
	Slagar dropped to the ground and rolled to one side. Damug 
saw this coming and stood over the Cruel one, sword held high. Then 
Slagar did someting unexpected. He whipped off his checkered mask, 
revealing his withered face. Damug hesitated for a fatal second.
	Slagar ran him through with his dagger. Damug dropped to the 
ground, dead.	


Urgan Nagru def. King Bull Sparra

          Urgan Nagru and King Bull Sparra stand patiantly waiting 
for one of them to make the first move.  King Bull Sparra decided he 
would take that chance and dives at Urgan Nagru beak forword like an 
arrow but Urgan Nagru quickly replies with a duck and grabbed his 
tail feathers. A buming screech came from King Bull Sparra as most of 
his tail feathers ripped off and Urgan Nagru laughed at the bird in 
pain.  "Dumb birdy think you have a chance against me! HA HA HA" 
chuckled Urgan Nagru as she picked up King Bull Sparra and threw him 
on the floor.  King Bull Sparra exausted and angry pulled himself up 
Urgan Nagru was not scared at his utter ettempt to destroy 
him...actually he was very amused by seeing the bird suffer.
           As King Bull Sparra got back in the air Urgan Nagru let 
the bird fly around and wear himself out, as King Bull Sparra 
attempted yet another attack at Urgan Nagru hit the bird and he fell 
on the ground. "Oh lets just get this over with" Urgan Nagru boredly 
said and as he was putting his foot on top of King Bull Sparra he 
Screamed with terror.  King Bull Sparra said earlier that he'd kill 
him if its the last thing he'd do...well he did not kill him but the 
fight was the last thing he will ever do.                  


Ironbeak def. Badrang

         Well it looks like a fair fight ter me folks, Badrang the 
tyrant stoat and General Ironbeak himself. They're circling now, 
Badrang with a long dirk is closing in on his opponent while the crow 
outstretches his tallons. That beak looks dangerous! The stoat has 
sprung! He's bowled into Ironbeak knocking him flat, the dirk's gone 
deep into a wing, it's hard to see what's happening! Oh....looks like 
the dust's clearing, the tallons around Badrangs throat  I 
can tell you now that you DON'T want to see ends the life 
of Badrang, here comes the victory dance.


Wearet def. Ublaz

         Ublaz waited nervously knowing only one of the two fighters 
would win.  He feared the barbaric mutated beast wich stared 
fearlessly back at him.  DONG!!! the sound of the bell ran through 
Ublaz's head like a screaming devil of fate.  The fighters knew this 
meant the battle had begun.  Before Ublaz could react the Wearet was 
upon him it thrashed and bit with a Wild energy like ublaz had never 
seen before.  Quickly Ublaz hit the Wearet on the head with the blunt
end of his cutlass causing it to stun.  The  Wearet was brought back 
to sensce with the slash of Ublaz's cutlass across his chest "haha ya 
ugly toad how'd ya like ta taste of me blade again," Ublaz taunted.  
Insulted the Wearet charged Ublaz, but Ublaz stepped to stepped to 
the side and slashed the Wearet on itsback "ha no beast alive can 
defeat me, Ublaz ruler of the high seas".   Ublaz kept pelting the 
Wearet with insults but the Wearet was not done yet, though the 
Wearet was not good at talking he managed to hiss " mad eyes" before 
he went into a beserking rage.  Ublaz  was highly insulted but he had 
to think quick because the barbaric beast was almost upon him.  He 
tightend the grip on his cutlass and stood waiting for the Wearet to 
engage him.  The beast was upon him, Ublaz fought hard and expertly 
but the Wearet was too strong. He thrashed, bit, and clawed.  Ublaz 
tried to run from the Wearet but it picked up a huge rock hurtled it 
at Ublaz hitting him in the back of the head. Thus was the end of 
ublaz.  The Wearet grunted with joy and danced on his oppents carcass.


Klitch def. Graypatch

 Graypatch and Klitch circled, Klitch with a shorth sword and 
Graypatch with a cutlass. Graypatch trying to keep his good eye on 
the young blue eyed weasle. Graypatch lunges at klitch, klitch was 
ready and side steps the swing, and slashes Graypatch on the rump!!  
Graypatch looks embarrassed, Klitch is yelling something at 
Graypatch..... " I'll kill you old Grayhead!"  Graypatchbellows and 
charges, slashing away, he slashes Klitch in the back paw. Klitch 
stabs at Graypatch, and sticks his foot behind the searat. Graypatch 
falls, Klitch swings, and........ Graypatch has lost his head!! The 
battle is over!! 
                     -Sagitar the Strong and Crossthief


Asmodeus def. Slagar

      Asmodeus slithered in the dirt fighting circle, eyeing Slagar. 
Slagar bared his teeth and continued the circle. A weasel stepped in 
the center and raised his arm. "Alright, ready...FIGHT!" Then the 
weasel slipped out of the ring. 
 	The circling quickened as Asmodeus waited till Slagar looked 
him in the eye. "You'll die, snake. Look what you did to me! Now 
you'll pay!" Slagar growled and untied the drawstring on his mask, 
then ripped it off. The ugly, skinless side was the side Slagar kept 
toward Asmodeus, hoping to discust him or something of the sort. 
Asmodeus was unafected. Slagar flicked out his claws, nicking 
Asmodeus on the middle of his back. Asmodeus hissed. "You'll pay for
thaat." Asmodues finally caught his eye. He swayed back and forth. 
"Come, come clossser!" Asmodeus hissed. Suddenly Slagar blinked. 
"No!" He yelled. Then he lunged for Asmodeus. He raked his back. 
Asmodeus made a 'cry' of pain, then he twisted his body around and 
bit Slagar in the leg. 
	"Aaah!" Slagar grimaced and held his leg, then fell to the 
ground. Asmodeus came in for the kill. Just then Slagar struck out 
with his good footpaw, catching Asmodeus in the face. "Dieeee!" 
Asmodeus yelled. Then he whipped his tail around and hit Slagar in 
the bare side of his face. Slagar held it and winced. Then Asmodeus 
bit in his stomach. ?"Aaahhhhh!" Slagar moaned, then his body was 
still. Asmodeus hissed in victory.


The Wearet def. Klitch

   The Wearet grinned as he circled Klich anxiously.  Klich slashed 
at the Wearet ready to start a battle.  The Wearet stabs at the 
weasel's legs.  Klich jumped away quicly.  Klich runs with the sword 
in his hand.  The Wearet trips him and he falls to the ground.  The 
Wearet tries to stab him, but the Weasel rolls away as quickly as he 
can.  Klich slashed at the Wearet fiercely.  The Wearet blocks the 
sword with his hand, chopping of five fingers. Surprisingly the 
strong Wearet kicks Klich in the somach and punches him in the face. 
Klitch falls to the ground and hops up and cuts of the Wearets leg.  
The Wearet angrily stabs him in the head.  The wearet wins the battle.


Ferahgo def. Urgan Nagru

    Southsward was lush and green at this time of the year.  But now, 
they were ravaged.  now two combatants battled for control.
  Urgan carried a sword, but also he had his iron claws ready.  The 
assasin carried his mace, and his daggers.  the large fox circled the 
Assasin.  The assasin stood still, only turning to see his opponant.
  Urgan suddenly lunged, but the Assasin quickly jumped sideways, but 
the iron claws raked his leg.  Urgan fell head first into the mud, 
and took him a moment to recover.  During that time, the Assasin 
swung his mace hard.  The Foxwolf moved like lightning, but 
lightning wasn't quick enough.  The mace slammed down on one of the 
fox's paws, smashing it into a bloody, broken peice. the fox howled 
in pain, a bone chilling cry that echoed through the night.
   The Assasin swung his mace, but Urgan wasn't finished yet.  He 
swung his sword, knocking away the mace, but losing hi sword at the 
same time.  The fox then leapt on top of the Assain, and they bit and 
clawed each other up a bit, until the Assasin gave him a hefty kick 
in the gut, sending him flying.
   The assasin allowed Urgan Nagru to get up and lung at him again.  
The Assasin quickly moved aside and let the fox fall flat.  He then 
leapt over, and with all his strengh, he slammed his clapsed fists 
together onto the wolf skull on the foxes head.  Sadly for the 
Foxwolf, it didn't go deep enough to kill him instantly, but now he 
was in incinerating pain.
   The Assasin smiled.  It was a cold, chilling smile.  Colder than 
the Whitest winter.  Colder than th grip of death itself.  And it 
chilled Urgan Nagru to the marrow of his bones.  It was the smile of 
Ferahgo the Assasin.

                                   -Regglar Brokenblade


Wearet def. Ferahgo

     Ferahgo allowed the battle to take place in the remains of the
Kingdom of Malkariss, specifically the circle on which Matthias and 
the very creature Ferahgo was to take on had fought, now exposed to 
the sunlight and seeming a pit with a raised circle of stone. The 
Assassin did not care where he would fight; he was confident he'd win 
against the big, dumb, slow excuse for a rat.
    He had prepared himself just in case, slipping two extra long, 
thin throwing knives in each sleeve of his tunic. He smiled friendily 
as the Wearet entered the pit. This appeared to annoy the creature, 
and so delighted Ferahgo even more. Her crouched down in a fighting 
stance, but as he was getting ready the Wearet charged forward, 
swinging its net and waving its spear. Ferahgo was not to be taken
off guard, though; he meerly leaped nimbly aside and slashed the
Wearet's back as it picked up the fallen net. Screaming/roaring, the
creature swung its spear around with amazing speed and knocked Ferahgo
against the other wall. The weasel sat stunned for a moment, but the 
sight of the Wearet running towards him with the spear pointed at his 
chest brought him to action. At the last second he jumped up onto his 
opponent's hunched back and stabbed down with one of his daggers, 
then leaped off. Like a cat, Ferahgo liked toying with his victims. 
Producing an unearthly sound of agony, the Wearet reeled on the 
weasel and threw his net. The Assassin once more jumped aside, but
not before one of the large stone weights smacked against his leg.
Ferahgo cried out, grasping his fractured leg and slowly moving his 
free paw to take out and throw  one of the hidden blades. Taking 
advantage of his enemy's delay, the Wearet hurled its spear. Instead 
of hitting Ferahgo, though, it plunged into the rock beside him, but 
stopped the movement of his paw. Grabbing the weighted net, the 
Wearet heaved it at the weasel. Ferahgo struggled to move aside, but 
his broken leg hindered him and even with a final agonizing leap the 
net caught half his body under it. Becoming frightened, Ferahgo 
grabbed out his hidden throwing knives and whirled them at the Wearet,
all three striking its hulking body, but yet it moved forward, paws 
outstretched. Catching up its net in its paw, the Wearet yanked it up,
and with it Ferahgo, pulled up by his good leg. Before the weasel 
could make another move the Wearet shot its paw to his throat and 
squeezed hard, then jerked its paw, snapping Ferahgo's spine. Shaking 
the carcass of the Assassin free, the Wearet bayed its victory call, 
the sound echoing throughout the ruined kingdom and the lands beyond.

                                      -Bren Longturf

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