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The Bloodlust

You have just been recruited into the fleet of Admiral Regglar 
Brokenblade.  He asks you what ship you want to join and points
seaward.  He says something else which you don't understand
because you are too preoccupied staring at the most beautiful
and massive ship to ever hit the seas.  You shout at the top of 
your lungs, "I wanna be part of the crew of the Bloodlust."  "Very
well," the admiral explains, "Captian Scumfoot, you have another 
recruit."  Scumfoot comes and shows you around the ship.  You are 
satisfied and take a much needed rest in your new bunk.

Joining form: Click here to enlist
The members of the island: Click here to see the crew of the Bloodlust
The Grand Hallway: Click here to participate in club activities
Map Room: Go here for links to other Redwall sites
The main page of the Island:

people have seen the most gorgeous ship in the world.