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The Teeth an' Claws Alliance

If you are an enemy,click here:
We have everything, a water club, a club based on a fortress,
a horde, a roaming band, and three island clubs.  You're bound to
find one to join.  If ya can't decide, join 'em all.

Scum of Southsward: A co-founder of the alliance
H.O.U.N.D.: The other co-founder of the alliance
Fort Tyronia:
The Island of the Wrecked Ships:
Terror Island:
Deathlake Island:
Deathshore Abbey:
The Empire of Sampetra:
The Central Base:
The Kingdom of Malkariss:
Wildstripe's Horde:
The Alliance Chat Room:
The Alliance Message Board:
Join the Teeth an' Claws Alliance:

people have visited the strongest alliance in all of Mossflower and its surrounding country