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The Monthly Contest Hall of Fame

June/July 1998
     Rewrite the ending to a Redwall Book
         Winner- Bren Longturf (on Salamandastron)

....Seeing his chance, Ferahgo sneaked up on Urthwyte, knowing that 
if he could slay the white badger the fight would swing his way. 
Urthwyte had his back turned to Ferahgo, hammering relentlessly at 
any creature coming into club range. The Assassin drew both his best 
knives, the killer and the skinner, and crouched low, bunching his 
muscles for the spring that would carry him onto the white badger's 
back, where his blades could fest on the un- 
protected neck. Nerving himself, he made the spring. 
    Urthwyte had just batted aside a rat who had come too close when 
the hairs on the back of his neck rose. The white badger's lip curled 
slightly, but he had sensed the danger too late and reacted too 
slowly. Ferahgo buried his blades in Urthwyte's neck, hacking and 
slasking until the head was half severed. The badger hadn't even had 
time to cry out. The Assassin shouted his triumph, but it was cut 
short by a massive pair of paws as they caught him in their viselike 
grip. Ferahgo screamed with shock. Galvanized into action, he began 
stabbing with both knives, plunging them into the body of the roaring 
badger Lord Urthstripe. The massive injuries he had formerly 
sustained, together with the horrendous wounds of Ferahgo's daggers, 
now caused the badger's fierce dark eyes to cloud over with 
deathmist, but he was not finished yet. From the deep wells of 
strength within his gigantic frame he call- 
ed up one final surge. 
    Crushing the blue-eyed weasel to him, Urthstripe leapt from the 
top of the mountain, yelling his last beloved warcry: 
    The din of battle dulled momentarily. Three great leaders were 
dead, but it was the woodlanders who were most shocked. 
    "Come on!" a rat shouted. "The two badgers are dead. Let's rush 

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August/September 1998
      Design a vermin in a typical Redwall uniform.
             Winner- Foxwolf (a fox in Ferahgo's horde)

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